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Learning objectives:

  • Define terminology related to gender identity
  • Critique current discussions around trans and non-binary identities given their historical context
  • Name the range of oppressive/transphobic experiences gender diverse individuals experience and identify how they might show up in therapy
  • Summarize the different components of transitioning
  • Define dysphoria and formulate appropriate therapeutic interventions accordingly
  • Identify ways to modify intake paperwork, marketing and the clinic atmosphere to be more welcoming to trans and non-binary individuals
  • Evaluate one’s ability, ethics and preparedness to write letters in support for clients in need of medical interventions
  • Identify various microaggressions in the therapy to avoid
  • Name a number of various possible therapy topics that may come up in treatment with this population
  • Define therapist humility and its components
  • Name the aspects of Community Cultural Wealth Resources and how to elicit each in an effort to build rapport and trust in the therapeutic relationship
  • Specify common negative experiences (targets) clients may need to be reprocessed/addressed
  • Identify common Negative Cognitions in this population
  • Apply possible modifications needed at each stage of EMDR therapy with gender diverse clients

All The Tools To Build Your Confidence

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